Mozilla Firefox for filesharer For file sharing encrypted

Mozilla Firefox for filesharer Free and open source:

Firefox for file sharer For file sharing, you do not need any special software. It is also easy to use the browser. WeTransfer has achieved some success. Now, Firefox Send refinishes the principle.

Firefox Send it is found at the address Despite its name, it does not only work in the Firefox browser (version 54), but also in Chrome, the mobile versions of the two, Apple's Safari 11.0 in beta, and Microsoft's Edge in the future.

The site has a window where users can drag a file stored locally on their desktop or mobile device to share with someone else. Up to one gigabyte can include this file. Too little to share copyrighted gameplay, but enough for others, legitimate purposes.

When you move in, the file is still encrypted in the browser and then sent on a likewise encrypted channel to a server of Mozilla. At the same time, a link is generated that contains the key to download and reopen the file from the server. This link allows the users of Firefox Send to share with another person, via email or messenger app for example.

If the recipient downloads the file via the link, it is immediately deleted from the server. This is like WeTransfer. Otherwise, this happens automatically after 24 hours - which reminds of Snapchat. There is therefore always only one possible recipient per uploaded file. Mozilla, however, is at least planning to allow multiple downloads in the future.

The encryption means that Mozilla can not open the file because it does not have the key. The encryption algorithm used is also the AES-GCM recommended by the NSA.

Mozilla Firefox for filesharer Free and open source Firefox Send:

However, Mozilla can see the file name and file size, various information about the browser and the current use of Send, as well as the IP address of the uploading and what Mozilla on its websites is still so. This sounds like a lot, but is still less than at WeTransfer, where users also need to specify an e-mail address.

The biggest advantages compared to other comparable file sharing services are, apart from file encryption: Firefox Send is firstly open source software and secondly free of advertising. There is also no premium service. The non-profit company pays for the operation.

Officially, Firefox sends Firefox as an experiment, which sometimes leads to malfunctions. In the test, for example, PDF files on a smartphone can be uploaded, but not downloaded.

TestPilot is the program in which Mozilla offers such new extensions of its browser and tests with volunteers under realistic conditions. Mozilla has released the experimental projects Voice Fill and Notes with Mozilla. Voice Fill is a language-to-text input for search engines, Notes is an add-on anchored in the browser.

Because Mozilla has been losing market share for a long time, Mozilla is trying to find such new features. They are supposed to make the browser a kind of user interface for different tasks, not just an input mask for web addresses.
Mozilla Firefox for filesharer For file sharing encrypted
Update: Mozilla has confirmed on demand that the encryption is implemented via the Web Cryptography JavaScript API in the browser and the AES-GCM algorithm.