Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Sound boost 2 module from JBL

New Model form Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Soundboost 2 module from JBL mobile:

The Legophone of the Second Generation Accessories, Speakers, Beamer: The Smartphone Z2 Play can now be expanded with ten modules, the Mods. However, Motorola sets questionable priorities.

As a child, I used to play with Lego. Things I can put together to make something new is still fascinating. So also the smartphones from Motorola's Z series. They are now in the second generation: In August, the Motorola Moto Z2 Play in Germany on the market, for 520 euros. Lots of money for an exceptional smartphone that does not always make it easy for you to like it.

On the one hand, Motorola is more consistently implementing the modular principle than any other. Extensions, so-called mods, such as those for wireless charging (49 euros), the auxiliary battery (69 euros), the Hasselblad camera (300 euros) or the beamer (350 euros) are simply plugged into the metal contacts of the smartphone. It does not get any easier. That Motorola with the second generation of the Modul-Phones proves that - unlike LG - believes in the principle, is gratifying.

On the other hand, the Z2 Play has a few peculiarities that annoy me. From the outside. Much less thin and lighter than the predecessor it has become, you are pleased with Motorola. True, synonymous with almost six millimeters, the aluminum housing is really very flat. If there would not continue this huge Kamerabuckel, which has already the predecessor model and the more expensive Moto Z hinted. Round circle, nearly two centimeters in diameter and more than two millimeters high. At the sight of this monster I always have to think of Austin Powers:

Without style shells, the Z2 Play is quite ugly. If you see the same, you have to pay another 20 Euro for one of the official covers for the rear panel. This is advisable anyway because these protect the contacts for the mods from dust and scratches. The fact that the smartphone is not included, I find disappointing.

The second series of the thin case: There is no more room for the huge battery of the predecessor model, which reached a record run time in the test of the colleagues of Instead, the Z2 Play is an ordinary 3,000-million-hour battery. From 18 hours of continuous playback of a full HD video with maximum display brightness, despite the more modern processor in my test only 11 hours. Not a bad value, but also not once again. In other words, the Z Play could be used for three days without charging it. The Z2 Play must be at the latest after the second day at the socket.

Remedy, of course, the TurboPower Pack called Mod for 69 euros. The 6.5-millimeter flat additional battery is placed on the back and should bring the Z2 Play well and gladly over another day. More practical than a Powerbank dangling at the end of a USB cable is plug-in Mod also. I would have found it as an attached mod better than the JBL speakers. But Motorola needs, of course, attractive mods, which are only available separately, in order to enhance its concept.

Instead of the previous 16-megapixel camera, the Z2 Play has one with 12 megapixels. But this does not have to be a disadvantage. My impression is that, in natural as well as artificial light, it makes contrasting, sharp and only slightly dark pictures. Not as good as a Samsung Galaxy S8, but absolutely usable. Even in poor light conditions, it provides good picture quality. My impressions coincide with those of other testers.

Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Sound boost 2 module from JBL
A first module is also included in the Z2 Play, a loudspeaker by JBL. This Soundboost 2 would cost 100 euros individually, is splash-proof and has its own battery. The sound quality is absolutely fine for a 14-millimeter-thick box, neat and loud, and the docking is much less complicated than pairing the smartphone with a Bluetooth speaker. So far, so okay