The new Google feed search queries from smartphone users

The new Google feed evaluates search queries from smartphone users and shows them the Internet they want to see:

Anyone who refers to a new apartment needs a toolbox. If you are on the Internet, use Google sooner or later. Whether Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, the Chrome browser or the search engine - Google's tools are an integral part of the everyday life of most Internet users. However, just as the tool box rarely stands prominently in the living room, the Google services are nothing, which one "on the computer or smartphone" simply so "opens. The hammer is only taken out when you have a nail.

This is a problem for Google. While the company knows what millions of people have been looking for and searching for on the Internet, they know personal preferences, relationships with other people and their dates. But what Google actually wants: to show its users things they have not been looking for, but they are still interested. Anyone who takes the smartphone in the morning should not open first, Facebook, Instagram or the news app. But Google.

More specifically, the Google app, which is preinstalled on every Android smartphone and will get a bigger update in the coming weeks. From Google Now, the first attempt of a personal assistant will be the new Google Feed. The idea remains the same: on the basis of the individual search history and information such as the current location, new, relevant information is to be presented to the users.

Google Feed for Search Queries from you mobile phone option:

Since the function was presented for the first time in December, the algorithms have been improved, writes the Google manager Shashi Thakur in a blog contribution. The feed now learns more effectively from the search requests of the users: who often google the results of his favorite club, this will automatically be displayed in the future. If you are looking for lyrics of a musician, you can also see his latest song on YouTube. And whoever often calls the New York Times' economic side gets their article preferably served.

So far, so well known. In the future, however, users will be able to adapt this feed even more. For example, it is possible to subscribe to search terms and topics directly. Anyone looking for Game of Thrones can add the theme to the feed via a button. Then automatically suspiciously interesting contents are displayed. By the way, they do not necessarily have to be up-to-date - Google also wants to display older content that might be relevant.

In the case of news, the company wants to avoid that users can only see individual sources. Under current news, there are therefore further articles on the subject of other pages for further reading. In some cases, users should be able to review the facts, it says in the blog contribution. How this should look exactly is not mentioned.
The new Google feed evaluates search queries from smartphone users and shows them the Internet they want to see.
If the algorithm is wrong, or you just do not want to read a gossip about Taylor Swift, just because you've googled a song from her, you can tell the feed. Like any artificial intelligence, the feed is more frequent and intensive. It is only interesting for people who have no problem to submit their search history to Google. Advertising first should not be shown in the app.