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The shock offered by the central government to pan Cardholders. Approximately 11.4 lakh pan-cards were deactivated across the country. Some of them made a mistake. The Finance Ministry has suggested that every citizen should connect the PAN card with Aadhaar card by August 31. The Finance Ministry has previously suggested that the PAN cards which are not linked to the Aadhar number are invalid.

To find out whether your card is in a deactivated pan card PAN Verification - Income Tax Department official website, visit the IT department e-filling web site. It looks like the 'Know Your Pan' opens. Clicking on it will open a page. All of the star names must be carefully filled and submitted. Then your phone number comes with a one-time password. Enter it and click on the Validate button. If your pan is not activated then it will appear as 'active'.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has issued another key order on the Income Tax filing. The Finance Ministry announced on Monday that the PAN cards not linked with Aadhaar number were not valid till August 31. The Finance Ministry has suggested that the PAN card be linked with Aadhar within the prescribed period. It is also not clear that the returns that are not linked to the Aadharana on August 31 are also invalid.

How to check PAN CARD Status Active or Deactivate Know Your Pan:

First, go to Income Tax e-Filing website.

Click on the option 'Know Your Pane' on the homepage to be your spouse, first name, pan status, gender, birth date, phone number. Then your Register Mobile number comes to OTP. It shows that your PAN card is active but is active.

Alert comes on the page if there are multiple pan numbers with similar details. If the pAN is not connected with Aadhaar, the pan will be canceled by December 2017.

What to do next pan card deactivate? How to reactive pan card:

The Income Tax Department has also announced a link to PAN card numbers under Section 139A Sub-Section 2 Provisions, to those who have a PAN card till 2017. On the other hand, the Center announced that the deadline for the Income Tax filing will be extended till August 5.
Check PAN CARD Status Know Your Pan
The Income Tax Department has imposed steel fake pawn cards. Recently reported that 11.44 lakh pancakes were canceled. The Center has taken steps to control the number of pawn numbers, controlling counterfeit panels. Earlier, the government had announced that the Aadhaar card was linked to the PAN card. This was decided by the end of August 31. This is the latest in the center of the action to know if your pan is safe