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Pradhan Minister Via Vandha Yojana (PMVVY) Pension Scheme was officially opened by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday. This scheme is only 60 years old and the only senior Citizens. Senior Citizens (60 years and above) under this scheme will be guaranteeing interest for 10 years. Within a ten-year period, the policy will receive a month, three months, six months, twelve months pension as the policyholder desires. LIC has launched this Scheme from May 4, 2017. It will be available until May 3, 2018. This Scheme can be purchased offline or online by LIC. If you choose a one-year pension plan in this scheme, you will need to invest at least Rs 1,44,578. Maximum Rs.7,22,892 is to be invested. If the monthly pension plan is selected, at least Rs. 1,50,000, the maximum will be Rs.7,50,000.

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Those who invest Rs.1,50,000 will get a thousand rupees pension per month. Similarly, Rs. 7,50,000 invested in a monthly pension of Rs. If the pensioner dies within a 10-year period, the amount purchased will be paid to the beneficiary. The government said 98 per cent would be refunded at the time of the 10-year period. The government also provides an opportunity to leave the scheme in mandatory conditions. Besides, GST is also exempting this policy and there is a 75 per cent credit rating on the purchase price. But the policy period is only after three years.

Apply PMVVY - Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Online Application Form at
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