WannaCry virus software What the victims do now - and the perpetrators

WannaCry Ransomware cyberattack Protection how to block this virus on your PC using antivirus to protect your computer using on windows 7, 8 and 10 versions.

It is to cry for Hundreds of thousands of computers are infected with WannaCry blackmail software. What the victims do now - and the perpetrators. WannaCry on Twitter, Facebook and google this is the hot news in all the world and who are the searching for the related information about WannaCry ransomware cyberattack.

The YouTuber Henrik Huth from Kassel has summed up the Ransomware-GAU from the weekend in a very memorable comparison: "Sometimes you feel like a shepherd, but the sheep are drunk and burn!

Only the WannaCry disaster has made it clear that not only the sheep are burning. But in order to remain in the picture, the shepherds, the meadows, the great landowners and the mayors. Say users who open unknown mail attachments, system administrators who do not keep their systems up-to-date, company management that does not provide the necessary money, and governments that do not oblige anyone. Until last Friday, they had all arranged with the motto of this is fine.

In British and Indonesian hospitals, appointments have to be postponed by patients; in German stations, the displays will remain disrupted for several days. The car maker Renault announced that one of its plants in northern France will be closed on Monday. According to news agency AP, there are major problems in universities and other educational institutions in China.

But only a few dozen of the approximately 200,000 concerned has so far paid the required ransom. In any case, the three well-known bitcoin wallets, which belong to the blackmailers, suggest this. In total, almost 29.5 Bitcoin were invested there (as of Monday, 3 pm), which converted around 47,000 euros.

By whom, is unclear. So far no one has made public that he has paid. Why is it not clear whether the payment actually leads to the control of his data back.

You probably will not get them. Several security researchers have investigated the Ransomware and have found out that each decryption process must be triggered manually by one of the perpetrators, which is a high risk in view of the current attention. Secondly, the sloppy code leaves a doubt that the decryption works reliably at all.

In the best case, most of the victims have working backup copies of their data and are re-installing their systems, including the patches provided by Microsoft.

Many people may also hope that someone will discover and release a key that unlocks the encrypted files.Past 24 hours #WannaCry infection map. What a bloodbath.

WannaCry - G7 countries want to protect against cyber attacks
The group of seven leading industrialized countries wants to better protect the economy and society from cyber attacks. About 100 countries had been victims of a large hacker attack on Friday. © Photo: Ciro Fusco / ANSA via AP

The potential victims

The rapid global spread, the production losses at Renault in France, the problems in British hospitals are all unmistakable warnings to companies and institutions, not to continue to put Windows XP, the Jurassic Park under the operating systems, or to the other vulnerable Windows versions. On the one hand.

On the other hand, the loudest warning shot does not alter how enormously complex, time-consuming and expensive it is to feed a new operating system. A Texas IT specialist on Twitter has ten possible reasons why a company does not even take such a step - often it is because of interdependency of programs, licensing problems, necessary lengthy tests or lack of expertise on such old software,
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