List of Top 3 Cars Sales in Indian Market 2016

#Audi Lost Its Position In #Indian Market, #BMW Is Now Number 2

Audi's sales went down by 30 per cent in 2016 in India and had consequences repay their positions losing the company. Meanwhile it has been satisfied with three numbers for several months in BMW sales increased by 14 per cent and the company went to seize the number two again. Although Mercedes with just two per cent loss has managed to maintain a position of your number. Shows at sales figures of these trains is how the luxury car market in India is spreading with your feet up.

Talking about the current quarter January to March, Audi sold 2738 units compared to the same period last year, which has now dropped 22 percent to 2131 units this time. However, no company has responded on this. But from the beginning, auto maker companies had considered 2016 as a big challenge for the automobile industry. Most of the note bars show on the sale of luxury car makers. However, no company has made any official comment on this. But now the conditions and circumstances have changed and the sales figures are once again improving themselves in 2017.

In terms of sales figures for Mercedes, BMW and Audi in 2016, the companies have sold 13231, 7861 and 7,742 vehicles respectively in the Indian market. In this figure, Mercedes sees a loss of 2% loss, 14% increase in BMW and Audi's sales fall by 31%.

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