How To Loose Weight Without Any Dieting in A Weak

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If trying to reduce your weight is not able to do anything special. You eat everything by measuring and weighing. Regardless of this, your obesity has become a problem for you.

You do not need a decent dietitian of dieting. Often people are hungry for many days in a hurry to lose weight. Because of which there is a lot of weakness in his body.

Let's know how Kareena Kapoor's Dietitian Rujuta Divakar finally, how we can quickly reduce our weight of several kilos.


Explains that ghee must be included in daily catering. The quantity of ghee depends on the dishes. Ghee reduces cholesterol content. If you use a refinery at home, then it is better to use raw molasses oil.

Eat traditional food

Do not eat pizza, pets, bread, biscuits, cakes. Ask yourself if these things used to be your grandmother, if you do, then feel free to eat. Otherwise avoid eating canned food.

Traditional cuisine at breakfast

In breakfast we should not eat oats or packaged food. Such a meal would not be better for the start of the day. In breakfast, you can eat poha, upma, idly, dosa, paratha.

Exercise and excursion

You keep nutritious food in mind, not calories. Eat as much hunger as you eat while eating food. Also, exercise and excursions must also be included in your daily routine to keep yourself healthy and to maintain digestion.

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