Fire Haircut is Now A New Trend Going in India

#Indian #barber uses #fire to #cut people's #hair

What do people do for good heels? They take an expensive haircut from color to hair and expensive. But do you know that hair can be cut with anything other than water and scissors? You will be surprised to know that nowadays the hair cutting is being done by fire.

In this fashion, young people have started adopting every new attempt to change their looks. You may hardly know about this new haircut. Have you seen such a scenario in a salon that someone uses fire to cut hair?

Just imagine, you go to a haircut and put it in your hair, thinking that you will be shocked, but this is the trend of fashion nowadays. During this haircut, people wearing hair on the salon set fire on them. Before cutting hair, they put a white powder in the head, after which they put gels in the hair and then the lighter fires in it.

After setting a fire, he sets the hair with the help of comb and extinguishes the fire from the comb. After giving this fire haircut, hair is shaved and a haircut is done. The people who took fire haircut and fire haircut were talking about this in which they said that it is absolutely safe that there is no harm to the hair or head.
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