Buying a New AC Then Keep These 5 Tips Before Purchasing

points to keep in mind before #buying a #Air Conditioner

The heat wave has started. In this case, you may be thinking of buying air conditioners but before that let us tell you that if you are going to buy AC then do not make these mistakes, otherwise you may have trouble later.

Window and split AC
Window AC is the best, because it does not have to be difficult to move from one place to another, but big companies like Samsung have now stopped making windows AC. So you can buy Split AC.

5-star rating
It is also very important to take care of 5 star rating while buying AC. The higher the rated AC will be, the less power saving will be less and you will not have to loose the pocket. So definitely check star rating.

Floor standing AC for bigger camera
If you have to buy AC for large rooms or halls then you can choose floor standing AC. You will not have any problem in taking it from one place to another, and your larger room will also be cold.

Size of AC
The size of AC depends on the size of the room. Buy AC by the size of the room. For example, according to the space of 120 square feet, the AC power of 1-ton capacity will be perfect.

Nowadays, there are also sellers in the market who are cleaning the rooms while cleaning the room. Apart from this, there are also AC riders of such insecticides.

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