Applying Sunscreen Daily Can Make Your Bones Weak

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We use all sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from sun tan. You must also have heard the doctors advising you to use sunscreen on the body if you are going out in the sun. But do you know that excessive use of sunscreen stole vitamin D from your body?

Yes, a recent research has found that those who use sunscreens more often can have a deficiency of vitamin D in their body. Because of which, their muscles are weak and bones are also prone to breakdown.

According to an article printed in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, nearly one billion people are battling vitamin D deficiency due to sunscreen use. Doctors say that the lack of vitamin D can be removed twice in the week by staying in contact with the sun for at least five to 30 minutes at least in the afternoon.

Due to excessive use of sunscreen, the body does not get exposed to sunlight and vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced only when the body comes in contact with sun rays.

America's professor Kim Fountainhauer says that due to the busy life nowadays, people get out of the house very little from their homes in the open. But even when they get a chance to get out, they come out wearing a sunscreen on the skin, so their vitamin D construction capability is eliminated in their body.

Doctors say that if we want to avoid skin cancer, then we should adopt the habit of going without sunscreen in light sunlight so that the level of Vitamin D in the body increases.

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