Turkey blocks Wikipedia since Saturday morning 2017

#Turkey #blocks #Wikipedia on the Internet access since Saturday morning 2017:

Turkey is obviously exacerbating the censorship of the Internet: access to Wikipedia has been blocked since Saturday morning.

Turkey has blocked access to the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The reason for this is that Turkey on the Internet platform is equated with terrorist organizations. This is reported by the state Turkish news agency Anadolu and refers to a statement by the ministry responsible for the blocking. Wikipedia is said to be part of a "hate campaign against Turkey on the international stage".

The network Turkey Blocks, which describes itself as an independent "digital transparency project", announced that users in Turkey have not had access to all language editions of Wikipedia since Saturday morning. The site had been blocked without a court order, but such an order would be expected in the coming days. Wikipedia is one of the most visited Internet sites in the world.

According to Anadolu, the Turkish government called on the operators of Wikipedia to open an office in the country, to abide by the law and not to participate in the campaign against Turkey. If these requirements were met, the suspension was lifted.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of the not-for-profit organized Lexicon, reacted indignantly to the censorship of Turkey. "Access to information is a fundamental human right," he wrote on Twitter. Wales gave his support to the Turks. "Turkish people, I will always stand by your side and fight with you for this right."
Turkey blocks Wikipedia since Saturday morning 2017

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