Mario Kart 8 for free online game Nintendo 3DS

#Nintendo brings the #balloon #battles back. The game is fun as before.

King Buu Huu gives gas. The big white spirit with the crown on his head races past Luigi and Mario. You can not see him: Buu Huu and his scooter, a black scooter with a flame pattern and tiny tires, are invisible. He quickly made a few places, from eleventh place to four. The spirit overtakes the baby version of Mario's arch-enemy Bowser, steals the three red tanks that circle around his racing car and become visible again. Third. And the player is thirsty for the successful overtaking maneuver.

Mario Kart fans can now drive on the switch:

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is not a completely new development. The racing game looks more like an improved version of the predecessor Mario Kart 8, which now appears exclusively for the new Nintendo console switch. Nevertheless, there are some innovations, such as additional characters such as King Buu Huu or the baby turtle Bowser Junior. In addition, Nintendo donates a few new cars, racetracks, and items.
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