Facebook Messenger Lite to German users how to use!

Facebook finally has a messenger that does not annoy

Facebook releases the "Messenger Lite" for German users.
The app is a faster and slimmer version of the normal messenger and protects data volume as well as smartphone battery.

There is no official Light version for the main Facebook app - users can install "Facebook Lite" but in other ways.
Actually, Snapchat could be a big hit on most Facebook users. Actually. But because the blue giant is afraid that the yellow spirit hunts the young users, Facebook is inspired by the competitor. The ideas of the Snapchat developers are also found in the apps for Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook. In particular the former comparatively reserved messenger flashes and plopped meanwhile at all corners and ends.

If you do not feel like it, you now get an alternative: so far, the "Messenger Lite" was only available in five developing and emerging countries. From now on, German users can also install the significantly slimmer app. However, this applies exclusively to owners of an Android smartphone: Apparently, Facebook does not consider it possible for iPhone users to have limited data volume, poor network coverage, or just want to have a fast and streamlined app.

Faster, slimmer, more economical!
The light variant of the messenger is not suitable for everyone: it does not support voice and video calls, nor is the "secret entertainment", ie the possibility to send end-to-end encrypted messages. In addition, "Messenger Day" is in vain, the more or less cheeky copy of Snapchats Stories, which Facebook had only introduced in March. For some, this is likely to be a profit rather than a loss.
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