Salaam Loans with likes by tata capitals at website

Doing Right Get l lakh personal loan with 1000 likes Nominate by tata capitals Salaam Loans:

Do not be surprised if you like it! It is literally true that you read. Some of the private financial institutions that are willing to make a personal loan of more than a thousand. However, this loan applies to some of the terms and conditions of the loan. All you need to get a loan is to post a video on the website to give you your original story or explaining your situation! If your story is more than 1000 lakhs on the website, Lakshadweep is a Tata Capital company. Look at that story.

Sakshi, Hyderabad: Tailor is a professional dancer of Hyderabad. The husband dies and lives with his son. He also had a hard time living without a job. She has recently posted a post on the Tata Capital website, creating a fancy name for her troublesome condition. The administrators who examined it posted the post on 'Salaam Stories' page on their site.

Thousands of people have gone to her story. Like (salaam) beat. The lights were seen by the Tata Capital Company for granting a tailoring shop to Dhana Lakshmi Rs. The loan was named after the company 'Salam Loans'. This innovative loan facility was opened in August this year, the organizers said. It is said that this innovative loan process was initiated as part of the social responsibility to help the victims, artisans, and victims of the privilege.

More companies on the same route?
In recent years, private firms, private banks, and nonbanking organizations have been fiercely competitive in issuing personal, vehicle and housing loans. Banking sector experts say that many financial institutions are likely to launch such innovative loan issuance processes. Poor people who wish to get self-employment are likely to be economically strong.

Full transparent
The company sources claim that these are fully transparent loans. Managers say they can help the loan recipients in the issues of loan issuance, such as filing applications and underwriting documents. So far 700-800 poor people have reported their loyalty to the company's website. In another year, this number will double, according to sources.
Salaam Loans with likes by tata capitals at website
Qualifications, regulations, etc.
In this system, only personal loans are granted
Photos to reflect their family, personal, social and economic situation, details of the details, videos, what they want to do with the loan on the company website
Those eligible for financially backward classes are eligible to get a loan
Those who are below the poverty line are eligible for an annual income of less than Rs. 3 lakh
The loan amount is only Rs 25,000 to Rs. Interest rate 25 Paisa.
Applicants should be between 21 to 60 years of age
The loyalty of the creditors (story) to a thousand licks (salams)
Such liabilities will have the flexibility to pay in installments within five to five years
A year later, the issuing of these loans will be disclosed to the beneficiaries and are planning to make changes in the scheme.
Such loans are mainly for cottage industries, self-employed, artisans, women

Check PAN CARD Status Know Your Pan

Find Pan Card Status active or reactive at

The shock offered by the central government to pan Cardholders. Approximately 11.4 lakh pan-cards were deactivated across the country. Some of them made a mistake. The Finance Ministry has suggested that every citizen should connect the PAN card with Aadhaar card by August 31. The Finance Ministry has previously suggested that the PAN cards which are not linked to the Aadhar number are invalid.

To find out whether your card is in a deactivated pan card PAN Verification - Income Tax Department official website, visit the IT department e-filling web site. It looks like the 'Know Your Pan' opens. Clicking on it will open a page. All of the star names must be carefully filled and submitted. Then your phone number comes with a one-time password. Enter it and click on the Validate button. If your pan is not activated then it will appear as 'active'.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has issued another key order on the Income Tax filing. The Finance Ministry announced on Monday that the PAN cards not linked with Aadhaar number were not valid till August 31. The Finance Ministry has suggested that the PAN card be linked with Aadhar within the prescribed period. It is also not clear that the returns that are not linked to the Aadharana on August 31 are also invalid.

How to check PAN CARD Status Active or Deactivate Know Your Pan:

First, go to Income Tax e-Filing website.

Click on the option 'Know Your Pane' on the homepage to be your spouse, first name, pan status, gender, birth date, phone number. Then your Register Mobile number comes to OTP. It shows that your PAN card is active but is active.

Alert comes on the page if there are multiple pan numbers with similar details. If the pAN is not connected with Aadhaar, the pan will be canceled by December 2017.

What to do next pan card deactivate? How to reactive pan card:

The Income Tax Department has also announced a link to PAN card numbers under Section 139A Sub-Section 2 Provisions, to those who have a PAN card till 2017. On the other hand, the Center announced that the deadline for the Income Tax filing will be extended till August 5.
Check PAN CARD Status Know Your Pan
The Income Tax Department has imposed steel fake pawn cards. Recently reported that 11.44 lakh pancakes were canceled. The Center has taken steps to control the number of pawn numbers, controlling counterfeit panels. Earlier, the government had announced that the Aadhaar card was linked to the PAN card. This was decided by the end of August 31. This is the latest in the center of the action to know if your pan is safe

The new Google feed search queries from smartphone users

The new Google feed evaluates search queries from smartphone users and shows them the Internet they want to see:

Anyone who refers to a new apartment needs a toolbox. If you are on the Internet, use Google sooner or later. Whether Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, the Chrome browser or the search engine - Google's tools are an integral part of the everyday life of most Internet users. However, just as the tool box rarely stands prominently in the living room, the Google services are nothing, which one "on the computer or smartphone" simply so "opens. The hammer is only taken out when you have a nail.

This is a problem for Google. While the company knows what millions of people have been looking for and searching for on the Internet, they know personal preferences, relationships with other people and their dates. But what Google actually wants: to show its users things they have not been looking for, but they are still interested. Anyone who takes the smartphone in the morning should not open first, Facebook, Instagram or the news app. But Google.

More specifically, the Google app, which is preinstalled on every Android smartphone and will get a bigger update in the coming weeks. From Google Now, the first attempt of a personal assistant will be the new Google Feed. The idea remains the same: on the basis of the individual search history and information such as the current location, new, relevant information is to be presented to the users.

Google Feed for Search Queries from you mobile phone option:

Since the function was presented for the first time in December, the algorithms have been improved, writes the Google manager Shashi Thakur in a blog contribution. The feed now learns more effectively from the search requests of the users: who often google the results of his favorite club, this will automatically be displayed in the future. If you are looking for lyrics of a musician, you can also see his latest song on YouTube. And whoever often calls the New York Times' economic side gets their article preferably served.

So far, so well known. In the future, however, users will be able to adapt this feed even more. For example, it is possible to subscribe to search terms and topics directly. Anyone looking for Game of Thrones can add the theme to the feed via a button. Then automatically suspiciously interesting contents are displayed. By the way, they do not necessarily have to be up-to-date - Google also wants to display older content that might be relevant.

In the case of news, the company wants to avoid that users can only see individual sources. Under current news, there are therefore further articles on the subject of other pages for further reading. In some cases, users should be able to review the facts, it says in the blog contribution. How this should look exactly is not mentioned.
The new Google feed evaluates search queries from smartphone users and shows them the Internet they want to see.
If the algorithm is wrong, or you just do not want to read a gossip about Taylor Swift, just because you've googled a song from her, you can tell the feed. Like any artificial intelligence, the feed is more frequent and intensive. It is only interesting for people who have no problem to submit their search history to Google. Advertising first should not be shown in the app.

Qualcomm complaints about import stoppage for iPhones in Germany

Qualcomm Vs iPhone complaints in  Germany

The patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm escalates. Now the Chiphersteller also laments two German dishes. It's about technology in the current iPhone.The chip maker Qualcomm in his dispute with Apple now also in Germany in court. In Mannheim and Munich complaints were filed with the allegation of infringement of a patent, Qualcomm announced on Wednesday. Qualcomm wants an import stop for iPhones to reach Germany and also demands compensation.

After several years of pause - at that time Apple and Samsung - argued again, Germany is once again the site of a high-voltage patent conflict in the mobile communications industry. Compared to the American courts, the German courts are considered to be much faster in decision-making and friendly patents. Qualcomm's vice president and chief justice, Don Rosenberg, said in a conversation with the DPA that his company is similar: "Germany has a particularly attractive legal system for those who believe in the right to property." The courts are also known for strict enforcement.

Thus, the lawsuit in Germany could simply be a pressure against Apple on an out-of-court agreement. According to the economic week, it would take at least a year to a real sales stop anyway, which is why the sales start of the upcoming next iPhones would not be endangered.
Controversy since January

Qualcomm chips ensure the wireless connection in many smartphones. With Apple argues the Californians since January in court. First, Apple complained about the accusation that the semiconductor specialist demanded too much for patent licensing. The chip maker replied with a counterclaim and accused Apple, among other things, of distorting facts and inciting regulators in the US and Asia to attacks. Less than two weeks ago, Qualcomm followed suit. This concerns the allegation of infringement of six patents.

Apple is particularly dissatisfied with the fact that Qualcomm wants to have its license fees as a percentage of the device price. The iPhone group argued that it was their own innovations that made the phones more expensive, while the value of the communications chips remained the same.

Qualcomm contends: On the one hand, this is the industry-standard approach to patent licensing. On the other hand, its innovations used by Apple far exceeded communication semiconductors. The patent complaints in Germany should also disprove the "nonsense of Apple" that Qualcomm does not contribute any further innovations to other areas, said Rosenberg.

Qualcomm's CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, said earlier this week that experience shows that such conflicts would ultimately be traded rather by talk rather than by court proceedings. Rosenberg also commented: "Processes are not the best way to resolve conflicts between companies." At the same time, Qualcomm had no problem with the value of his patents in court by independent third parties. In essence, however, Qualcomm had not been a complaining company and had been brought into the dispute with Apple's lawsuit. "We have taken a very selective approach to defending our intellectual property."

In the lawsuits in Germany, similar to the USA, patents are about technology that makes devices more efficient and powerful, said Rosenberg. He emphasized that no patents pertaining to the basic technical standards were granted. Special rules and licenses apply to such patents, they must be granted at "fair" conditions and without discrimination. That is why they can not obtain sales bans with them.

At the same time, there are relatively new patents in the German lawsuits, which are not yet covered by license agreements between Qualcomm and Apple's contract manufacturers, Rosenberg said. "The patent infringements, which we claim in Munich and Mannheim, concern two technologies that are important for iPhone functions," the official press release said. Qualcomm also argues in court with the producers, who no longer make payments - because they get no money from Apple for it. The iPhone Group is legally contributing to the company's conflicts.
Qualcomm complaints about import stoppage for iPhones in Germany
Qualcomm is already under increasing pressure because regulators in Europe, the USA and South Korea are taking a close look at the Group's business model and, in some cases,

Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Sound boost 2 module from JBL

New Model form Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Soundboost 2 module from JBL mobile:

The Legophone of the Second Generation Accessories, Speakers, Beamer: The Smartphone Z2 Play can now be expanded with ten modules, the Mods. However, Motorola sets questionable priorities.

As a child, I used to play with Lego. Things I can put together to make something new is still fascinating. So also the smartphones from Motorola's Z series. They are now in the second generation: In August, the Motorola Moto Z2 Play in Germany on the market, for 520 euros. Lots of money for an exceptional smartphone that does not always make it easy for you to like it.

On the one hand, Motorola is more consistently implementing the modular principle than any other. Extensions, so-called mods, such as those for wireless charging (49 euros), the auxiliary battery (69 euros), the Hasselblad camera (300 euros) or the beamer (350 euros) are simply plugged into the metal contacts of the smartphone. It does not get any easier. That Motorola with the second generation of the Modul-Phones proves that - unlike LG - believes in the principle, is gratifying.

On the other hand, the Z2 Play has a few peculiarities that annoy me. From the outside. Much less thin and lighter than the predecessor it has become, you are pleased with Motorola. True, synonymous with almost six millimeters, the aluminum housing is really very flat. If there would not continue this huge Kamerabuckel, which has already the predecessor model and the more expensive Moto Z hinted. Round circle, nearly two centimeters in diameter and more than two millimeters high. At the sight of this monster I always have to think of Austin Powers:

Without style shells, the Z2 Play is quite ugly. If you see the same, you have to pay another 20 Euro for one of the official covers for the rear panel. This is advisable anyway because these protect the contacts for the mods from dust and scratches. The fact that the smartphone is not included, I find disappointing.

The second series of the thin case: There is no more room for the huge battery of the predecessor model, which reached a record run time in the test of the colleagues of Instead, the Z2 Play is an ordinary 3,000-million-hour battery. From 18 hours of continuous playback of a full HD video with maximum display brightness, despite the more modern processor in my test only 11 hours. Not a bad value, but also not once again. In other words, the Z Play could be used for three days without charging it. The Z2 Play must be at the latest after the second day at the socket.

Remedy, of course, the TurboPower Pack called Mod for 69 euros. The 6.5-millimeter flat additional battery is placed on the back and should bring the Z2 Play well and gladly over another day. More practical than a Powerbank dangling at the end of a USB cable is plug-in Mod also. I would have found it as an attached mod better than the JBL speakers. But Motorola needs, of course, attractive mods, which are only available separately, in order to enhance its concept.

Instead of the previous 16-megapixel camera, the Z2 Play has one with 12 megapixels. But this does not have to be a disadvantage. My impression is that, in natural as well as artificial light, it makes contrasting, sharp and only slightly dark pictures. Not as good as a Samsung Galaxy S8, but absolutely usable. Even in poor light conditions, it provides good picture quality. My impressions coincide with those of other testers.

Motorola Moto Z2 Play with the Sound boost 2 module from JBL
A first module is also included in the Z2 Play, a loudspeaker by JBL. This Soundboost 2 would cost 100 euros individually, is splash-proof and has its own battery. The sound quality is absolutely fine for a 14-millimeter-thick box, neat and loud, and the docking is much less complicated than pairing the smartphone with a Bluetooth speaker. So far, so okay

Mozilla Firefox for filesharer For file sharing encrypted

Mozilla Firefox for filesharer Free and open source:

Firefox for file sharer For file sharing, you do not need any special software. It is also easy to use the browser. WeTransfer has achieved some success. Now, Firefox Send refinishes the principle.

Firefox Send it is found at the address Despite its name, it does not only work in the Firefox browser (version 54), but also in Chrome, the mobile versions of the two, Apple's Safari 11.0 in beta, and Microsoft's Edge in the future.

The site has a window where users can drag a file stored locally on their desktop or mobile device to share with someone else. Up to one gigabyte can include this file. Too little to share copyrighted gameplay, but enough for others, legitimate purposes.

When you move in, the file is still encrypted in the browser and then sent on a likewise encrypted channel to a server of Mozilla. At the same time, a link is generated that contains the key to download and reopen the file from the server. This link allows the users of Firefox Send to share with another person, via email or messenger app for example.

If the recipient downloads the file via the link, it is immediately deleted from the server. This is like WeTransfer. Otherwise, this happens automatically after 24 hours - which reminds of Snapchat. There is therefore always only one possible recipient per uploaded file. Mozilla, however, is at least planning to allow multiple downloads in the future.

The encryption means that Mozilla can not open the file because it does not have the key. The encryption algorithm used is also the AES-GCM recommended by the NSA.

Mozilla Firefox for filesharer Free and open source Firefox Send:

However, Mozilla can see the file name and file size, various information about the browser and the current use of Send, as well as the IP address of the uploading and what Mozilla on its websites is still so. This sounds like a lot, but is still less than at WeTransfer, where users also need to specify an e-mail address.

The biggest advantages compared to other comparable file sharing services are, apart from file encryption: Firefox Send is firstly open source software and secondly free of advertising. There is also no premium service. The non-profit company pays for the operation.

Officially, Firefox sends Firefox as an experiment, which sometimes leads to malfunctions. In the test, for example, PDF files on a smartphone can be uploaded, but not downloaded.

TestPilot is the program in which Mozilla offers such new extensions of its browser and tests with volunteers under realistic conditions. Mozilla has released the experimental projects Voice Fill and Notes with Mozilla. Voice Fill is a language-to-text input for search engines, Notes is an add-on anchored in the browser.

Because Mozilla has been losing market share for a long time, Mozilla is trying to find such new features. They are supposed to make the browser a kind of user interface for different tasks, not just an input mask for web addresses.
Mozilla Firefox for filesharer For file sharing encrypted
Update: Mozilla has confirmed on demand that the encryption is implemented via the Web Cryptography JavaScript API in the browser and the AES-GCM algorithm.

Electronic health card not ready for use soon declared a failure in Germany

Electronic health card E-Card:

Electronic health card before the final exit More than eleven years after their official launch, the electronic health card may be out of action. Helmut Platzer, the head of the board of the AOK Bavaria, told the DPA that it was "more uncertain than ever when the health card fulfills the expectations set in it". High-ranking employees of medical associations and statutory health insurance funds report that there are plans in the federal government to declare the e-card failed after the Bundestag election.

The plastic card would remain nothing more than a proof of insurance, it says from cash registers. According to calculations by the umbrella organization of the health insurance funds, the E-Card has so far generated costs of EUR 1.7 billion. After 11 years of development, the electronic health card is still not ready for use. Supposedly she has soon declared a failure.

There are also doubts about the viability of the health care from the health associations. "If you talk to experts, you hear that this is a technology that is actually already overtaken," said Wolfgang Krombholz, head of the board of the Kassenbäztärztlichen Vereinigung Bayerns, the DPA. Associations of doctors, health insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmacists have the legal mandate to set up the health card through the carrier Gematik.
The funds would rather develop their own systems

The Federal Government had announced in the autumn of 2004 that, from 2006, the electronic health card would create numerous new possibilities for data exchange. An emergency record should be saved as well as a medication plan. Such a digital drug list should help to avoid dangerous interactions which, according to estimates, result in thousands of deaths every year. An electronic patient card should avoid unnecessary duplicate examinations. It has not been realized yet.

Electronic Health Card System Germany:

Although the operator Gematik stated at the beginning of June 2017 that the delivery of the necessary technical equipment went into the final phase and spoke of a "milestone", the necessary so-called connectors are still not available. Doris Pfeiffer, the head of the GKV-Spitzenverband, was responsible for the new delays in July.

The companies see it differently. The spokesman of Telekom subsidiary T-Systems, Rainer Knirsch, points out that the technical requirements have been changed about 150 times. Now, however, the industry is "on the right," says T-Systems. "The world's best-protected public health infrastructure" is currently being developed.

The technician health insurance company rather ran IBM

In the health insurance companies, such words are skeptical. Numerous cash desks are committed to developing their own offers for a digital data exchange. "The requirements could be met much better, substantially more economically and above all more securely," says Helmut Platzer, head of AOK Bavaria.

The nationwide largest AOK wants to cooperate with other local health insurance funds and business partners. The second largest nationwide fund, Techniker Krankenkasse, had already announced in February 2017 that it had commissioned the American company IBM to develop its own electronic patient card.
Electronic health card not ready for use soon declared a failure in Germany
However, medical associations are concerned that the digital health care landscape is fragmented. "That would be the worst thing that could happen to us, that every cash office starts with their own system," warned the head of the KV Bayerns, Wolfgang Krombholz. He fears that many practices would be overwhelming to manage different systems of patient cards with their computer systems.